Dreamtime Stories
Passing on Culture
Aboriginal people have a special relationship with the land and its animals. They celebrate their connection to the land through story, song, dance and art

Not all information can be known by all people, Elders know the most in Aboriginal communities, but boundaries need to be respected and sacred information must only be shared with those who are allowed.

Dreamtime stories are the stories traditionally told by Aboriginal people and giving cultural meaning to the landscape and empowering selected audiences with the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of Australian Aboriginal ancestors back to time immemorial.

Indigenous Culture shared by our Australian Elders and students: by Language area

NGARIGU (Snowy Mountains, New South Wales)
The Wadjamadarl Strikes Again. Story from Adaminaby Public School, 2007

Wiradjuri (New South Wales)

Traditional Wiradjuri Lifestyle. Brungle Public School supported by the local Elders and the Mount Ausin High School dancers in our second international outdoor satellite video conference, 2012
Windradyne the Wiradjuri Warrior story shared by Uncle Bob Glanvelle, Cootamunra NSW 2012Test_24ts_etc_3_072009.jpg
A presentation of Culture by Aunty Gail Clarke from Narrandera , 2012
Discovery Rangers Shane and Telea conduct a VC art lesson, 2012
Gunyas Mount Austin HIgh School students from the MA Koori Education Team share Traditional Wiradjuri lifestyle from the REEC supported by the local Elders in an international outdoor satellite video conference, 2012
The Bunyip story Story shared by 'Jacko' at Murrumburrah PS, 2009
Bush Tucker and Artefacts: Shared by Linto Howith from West Wyalong, 2009
Language: shared by Uncle Bill, Forbes, 2009
Adapting to White Society: shared by the ladies and Leanne Hampton from West Wyalong, 2009
Aboriginal Dance with the boys from the Tirkandi Inaburra Culture Centre 2009

Gamillaroi (NSW)

Gamillaroi Bigambul tribe Dhinawan Dreaming Art Workshop Gamillaroi, 2009

Dharawal, (Sydney) 2009

Walbunja (South Coast NSW)

The Doolagarl story as told from Mogo near Batemans Bay, New South Wales. The Doolagarl is a big hairy man that sometimes can make him self look like the burnt trees., 2009

Yaegl and Bundjalung, (Far North Coast)

The Yaegl and Bundjalung people are traditional custodians of the coastal areas around Yamba, Iluka and Maclean
The Giant Eel, presented by Ulmurra PS, 2009Test_24ts_etc_2_072009.jpg
Doonguun Presented by Ularra PS, November 2012

Enngonia Cultural Perspective

Jawoyn (Northern Territory)

The Fire Stick Tree. "Wirrirtwirrirt" was young boy that liked his hunting and fishing but he did not know the fire stick tree. Also see the Jawoyn Indigenous seasonal calendar. Cultural information shared from the Mary River area near Katherine, Northern Territory, 2009

Iningai (Longreach Queensland)

The Iningai Keeping Place story shared by David Thompson at Longreach Queensland, 2009

Art, from various areas of NSW

Mackellar girls Art Workshop - Art work from students working with Mackellar Girls via video conference, 2009
Art work from students working with Mackellar Girls via video conference

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