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Chwedlau Celtaidd o Gymru

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The Celts are amongst the greatest peoples of European history. Long before Rome conquered the known world they shared many bonds of language, customs, art, and culture over a vast area. Celtic peoples lived not only in Britain and Ireland, but across Europe from Spain to Turkey and their history can be traced back twenty five centuries. The Celts of Wales lived in a lush, green land, shrouded in mists of magic and wonders. Their stories were passed on from generation to generation by storytelling, song and poetry. The "Otherworld" was the home of Celtic Gods or supernatural beings such as the "Fairy People" the "Tylwyth Teg". The Otherworld was considered to be the Celtic version of heaven.

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Reception and Early Years Unit - Einion the Shepherd

Dosbarth Derbyn a dosbarth blenyddoedd cynar-- Einion y Bugail

Einion had been a shepherd all his life, tending his father's sheep with his sheepdog Togo. He knew the mountain paths like the back of his hand, so imagine his surprise when one day the path that had always turned left...turned right!

Year 1- The King's Ears.

Blwyddyn 1 - Clust y Brenin

The tale of March ap Meirchion and his incredible ears and how the people found out about his secret.

Year 2- Elidir.

Blwyddyn 2 - Elidir

Elidir ran away from his classroom in the monastery, but when he met the King of the Fairies, he had more of an adventure than he bargained for!

Year 3/4- The Giant of Gilfach.

Blwyddyn 3/4 -Y Cawr o Gilfach

The Giant of Gilfach was the tallest and meanest giant of them all, who left Hywel an orphan...

Year 5- Olwen.

Blwyddyn 5 - Olwen

Olwen is one of the oldest Welsh legends. A tale of romance and adventure, which tells how a young hero named Culhwch succeeded in winning the hand of Olwen, the Giant's daughter, in marriage.

Year 5 - The Lost Land

Blwyddyn 5 - Y wlad ar goll

The tale of the drowning of Cantr'e Gwaelod which lay on the shores of Cardigan Bay. Seithenyn was the sentry in charge of the sea wall but he was lazy!

Year 6- Dwynwen.

Blwyddyn 6 - Dwynwen

January 25th, St Dwynwen's Day, is a special day in Wales. It's a day for sending cards to the one you love. But who was St Dwynwen, and why do we remember her in this way?

Year 6- The Lady of the lake

Blwyddyn 6 -Bonesig y llyn

A tale of sadness and romance which tells how Hywel falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Lady of the Lake.

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