Listen to some of the kids from the
Barkindji mob of Wilcannia perform their version of
M.I.A.s “Mango Pickle Down River”
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre trailer

"Yolngu Dances Zorba the Greek.

Australia’s indigenous culture is the worlds oldest continuous culture. Perhaps 60 000 years old.
Culture changes. These young Yolngu dancers have had over a million hits on their original you tube video and as a result have appeared on tv and around Australia.
Take a look at these young Yolngu men as they mix traditional dance steps to Zorba the Greek and more. Most are filmed in the community of Yirrkala with the local community as the audience. Turn up the volume and laugh and enjoy with the community. if this is not good for one’s health nothing is." Robbo: Biting the Dust

Chooky_Dance.wmv Chooky Dancers

Geoffrey.wmv Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Visit these sites:

**Gurrumul** is a
**Yolngu** man from
**Elcho Island**.

Yothu Yindi
and “Treaty” which won an Aria award and was a hit in Australia. A lot of whitefellas danced around to this not realising it was a song of indigenous dispossession.

I love this place because

[[ and Torres Strait Islander Education|Performance for Schools Aunty Wendy]]
The Aboriginal community in Redfern and the children at Murrawina,
Students listen to Aboriginal English, move, dance and sing along
Learn about the Aboriginal flag
Speak words from the Bundjalung language.
An online resource exploring Aboriginal Australia in a fun, musical participatory way for students and teachers alike.
Aboriginal tools, weapons and artefacts to explain traditional Aboriginal life.
The didjeridu playing mimics the sounds of the bush and can tell a story.
The songs and storytelling give us a glimpse into the life of the storyteller as she grows up in rural and outback Australia