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HOW DO WE USE WIKIS link to self help on using wikispaces

DIRECTIONS FOR SETTING UP A WIKI - simple "how to" videos

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  2. Edit a Page
  3. Link Text to a Website
  4. Insert an Image
  5. Link Image to a Website
  6. Create a New Page
  7. Embed a Video
  8. Insert a Table
  9. Creating Tags
  10. What is Wiki? Wikis in Plain English
  11. Stuff to add to your Wiki! How to add Google map?
  12. Wordle
  13. Lots more to add to your wiki oncap-chatter
  14. Jazz up your wikiif you are a bit adventurous!

Digital Story Telling


A site with great slowmation videos created by students in Australia (University of Wollongong). Garry Hoban's ARC grant.

Xtranormal 3D movies

Voice Thread

Benefits to online students
  • Increases their sense of being part of a community (a significant barrier for online success).
  • Improves the sense that the teachers are present in their learning experience.
  • Students enjoy having options for commenting (text, audio, phone-audio, video).
  • VoiceThread improves student-student and student-teacher communication and reduces the amount of "hurt feelings", as opposed to the usual bulletin-board format, because the human voice eliminates misinterpretations of text-based comments.


If you don't resize photos they will take FOREVER to load.

RESIZING PHOTOS (link to cap-chatter with instructions on resizing photos). This free online resizer is quick and easy to use to compress photos for the web

Irfanview to change image sizes before loading photographs onto your wikipage. [[ ]]

Remember that not everyone uses a PC. To make sure MAC users can see your photostories and movies, use Zamzar to change your files to Quicktime format. Zamzar is a free service. You send your file to them and tell them to send it back to you in a MOV or MPG format.

To make sure MAC users can hear your voiceovers and music , you can use Audactiy to record them and make them into mp3s


How to use Audacity from Rob Sbaglia on Vimeo.


Use Wordle to make some mood poems of any parts of your story.


This site will give you lots of information on how to use various web 2 tools

Make your wiki look cool!