Gracie Productions would like to extend an invitation to Indigenous students and their friends to create segments for the upcoming NITV children's television show "Yarramundi Kids". We're looking for short films or digital stories for the following segments:

Strong, Smart and Deadly
- profile of a young person or persons doing what they do best - up to 1.00 minute segment. Examples might include: playing marbles, sports, trampolining, skateboarding, clapping and jump rope games, receiving recognition for achievements in school or community.

Walkabout – where we travel to a place and find out all about it - up to 2.00 minute segment. Narrated footage/stories of kids doing everyday things in their town, school, suburb, home etc.

Caring for Country – environment - up to 2.00 minute segment. Examples might include: community gardens, bush tucker gardens, animals, birds, fish and environmental issues the kids are involved in (eg water tanks, recycling, planting native trees, clean-up programs etc).

Music Clip - original lyrics to original music - up to 2.30 minute segment. Shows children performing their original songs and music.

Strong, Smart and Deadly hand signing. Short cutaway segment of children having fun performing the following hand signing actions in order. Strong: right hand over heart. Smart: left pointer finger to temple/brain. Deadly: two pointer fingers (ie pointer fingers on each hand) pointing to camera or at each other in "too deadly" fashion.

Children filming material for these segments might like to address the following themes: Community Connections; What Makes Me Special; Life Cycle; The Senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling); Friends; Birthdays; Opposites; Emotions and Feelings; Water; My Body; Weather and Seasons; Night Sky; Toys and Games.

Please note, segments must contain only original material. If we decide to use your material, Gracie Productions will need you to confirm that it is original and we will ask you to sign release documentation granting us permission to use it. Should a student film be selected, the segment will be introduced in the episode within which it appears. The segment creator/s and their school will be named within the show and will also receive a credit in the end titles.

Preferred footage format is DV-Cam. If this is not possible, please note that we are only able to accept clips in PAL format on mini DV, DVD Video, DVD ROM and CD ROM formats. If you are sending a video on DVD ROM or CD ROM, it must be in avi format, or Quicktime and saved in full resolution (720 x 576 @ 25 frames per second) for broadcasting purposes. Please ensure your computer editing program's project settings are PAL (625/50) upper field first and not NTSC (525/60).
Enquiries may be directed to

All stories and footage need to be submitted Friday 19th June.

Please see attached synopsis for more information about the show.

Evelyn Saunders
Gracie Productions
Ph: 02 9528 4001
Mob: 0409 310 268