Video Conferencing Help Page

VRN numbers

continuous presence:512587

switching :562587

MPS VRN: 5109243

How to facilitate an effective VC

Click here for a sample run sheet:

sample supporting notebook:
sample attendance notebook:

Participant Consent FormsDepending on the way your students will contribute please ensure they have signed the correct forms.

Principals are required to complete and return the following to indicate all students have the required permissions:

Our presenters need to complete and return te following form for our records:

**Running a VC** This wiki page has useful information and sample forms for those wanting to run a successful VC

Recording your video conference

Instructions on how to record, watch or download a Video Conference:

Is this a VC opportunity?
  • Play with the equipment.
  • Identify the purpose of using the video-conference equipment
  • Select outcomes, key questions and teaching strategies
  • Review video conferencing protocols
  • Watch some previous video conferences

Planning your session
    • Collect permissions from the participants
    • Upload resources and links
    • Decide on how participants can ask questions
    • Create a run-sheet and Notebook for the session
    • Create Notebook
    • Select a method for sharing your desktop. Practice using Bridgit software on the computer you will be using on the day.
    • Email participants information, including protocols, VRN number and requirements, important links
    • Sharing Video over Video Conference
    • Set your VC presets Setting a Preset using a Tanburg remote

Prior to the session
    • Recording your session

During the session
    • Confirm who is in your conference
    • 'Welcome/Acknowledgement of Country'
    • Go over key protocols
    • Provide a mechanism for participants to provide feedback and get futher information

After the session
    • Watch your session
    • Download your session if appropriate
    • Sharing your session via Youtube

Other info:

    • Complementary technologies
    • **Running a VC** This wiki page has additional information and sample forms for those wanting to run a successful VC